How to sign up and access Hulu in Australia

Hulu is a streaming service available for iOS, Android, Apple TV, PC/Mac and home of some of the best TV series and movies available. Check out this article for the top 75 best TV shows on Hulu right now.

As you may expect this service is only available in the US, however with a small amount of effort this service will work anywhere in the world. You'll even get the first month for free!

Here's what you'll need:

  1. A US iTunes account with some store credit added
  2. A DNS Proxy account

If you do not yet have store credit, go ahead and buy some first and redeem it to your US account.

This guide assumes you have an iOS device already logged in using the US iTunes account, and has Smart DNS Proxy configured on your device.


First, you'll need to go to the App Store and grab the Hulu app. If this app is not available make sure you are logged in using your US iTunes account.

Hulu app icon
Download Hulu iOS app


When you first load it you'll just need to click on the 'Start free trial' button at the bottom

Hulu welcome screen
Hulu welcome screen


Next choose a plan. You can change this at any time, so don't worry if you change your mind later!

Hulu plan screen
Hulu plan selection


Next up, enter your registration details. Once subscribed you can view on any other device (Android, PC, Mac, Apple TV, Roku, etc) so be sure to remember which email and password you're subscribing with!

Hulu register screen
Hulu registration screen


Finally you'll be asked to confirm the subscription, it will show you when the first month of free access will expire. You can cancel anytime, so if you do not wish to pay be sure to cancel the subscription before this date.

Hulu subscribe complete
Hulu subscription complete


That's it! You should now be able to enjoy Hulu in Australia on all of your favourite devices.


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